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Square Core Media is a small group of dedicated and experienced professionals, ready to take on your next project. From publishing, to production, to promotion, we’ve got you covered!

Christian Piatt
Christian Piatt
Christian has 25 years experience in event production, public relations, marketing, publishing and fundraising. He has published eight books of his own, toured the United States as a professional speaker, and has worked over the years with everyone from Pearl Jam and Sarah McLachlan to Wm. Paul Young (THE SHACK) and Brian McLaren. He founded Square Core Media with the vision of assisting others to realize their creative visions, bringing them into the public conversation in ways that are compelling, substantive and groundbreaking.
Hollie Woodruff
Hollie Woodruff
After serving as a college chaplain for seven years, Hollie began focusing on fundraising, event coordination and talent management. She has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the nonprofit sector, and now serves as personal manager for several well-known authors. She brings valuable management and development skills to the SCM team.


Square Core Media can help authors create and publish their book, from concept to worldwide distribution and marketing. In addition, we can assist with fundraising efforts to help cover the costs of publication. The benefits of publishing with the SCM imprint are many, including:

  • Greater creative freedom
  • Significantly higher royalty rates (often 3 to 5 times better than with traditional publishing houses)
  • Partnership with professional authors and publishers with decades of experience in the publishing industry.
  • Select only the publishing services you want or need.
Blood Doctrine
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Blood Doctrine

Blood Doctrine by Christian Piatt, was published in 2014 and received strong critical and public acclaim. In late 2014, the novel was optioned by a major Hollywood production company to be made for television or film.
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Not That Kind of Christian

People asked to complete the phrases, “God is ________” and “Jesus is _________,” most commonly offered words like “all-loving,” “compassionate” and “forgiving.” The same group, when asked to complete the phrase, “Christians are ________,” offered words like “judgmental,” “angry,” and “hypocrites.”

So if we Christians are supposed to reflect God and Jesus to the world, why are so many of us such jerks? And why do we come off as so...well, weird?

Sometimes we Christians take everything so seriously it's a real drag. So this book is done very much with tongue in cheek, but also with the intent of getting at some real truth. And sometimes the best way to move forward, change and grow is to be able to laugh at ourselves.

Event Production

Square Core Media, in partnership with Jim Henderson Presents, is producing the “Where’s God When…” tour featuring:

  • Wm. Paul Young, author of “The Shack,” which has sold 20 million copies
  • Reba Riley, author of “Post Traumatic Church Syndrome” (Aug 2015, Howard/Simon & Schuster)
  • Christian Piatt, author of “Blood Doctrine” (SCM), post Christian (Hachette)

wheresgod2The multimedia stage production, which includes video and live music along with storytelling from featured authors, takes on the question: Where’s God in the midst of painful loss, and how do we find hope and healing? The first leg of the tour in May 15th, will be presented in Tacoma, WA, Seattle and Portland, OR, with up to 15 additional shows to be announced nationwide in fall, 2015.

For more information about the “Where’s God When” tour, or how SCM might help you with your own event or tour, contact us.

Audio & Video Production


Square Core Media produces the well-known podcast, Homebrewed CultureCast, featuring Slim Moon, founder of Kill Rock Stars Records, Christian Piatt, author and national speaker, and Amy Piatt, senior pastor of Portland First Christian Church.

The podcast, which features internationally known writers, actors and cultural influencers, has a weekly audience of 25,000 listeners and growing. The CultureCast also live podcast events nationally and is in conversation with media partners about national syndication.

SCM also produces professional-quality video products for individuals and organizations on a contract basis. For information about SCM’s audio and video production services, contact us.

Christian Piatt has a new five-song EP available called CLOUD CHASER. You can listen to the title track on the player, download the entire EP for $4, or download single tracks track for $1 apiece.

In mid-May, we will also ship CDs, signed by Christian. This signed first edition of CDs is limited to the first 500 ordered.

Christian will be playing the title track and offering the CD for sale on the “Where’s God When…” tour with Wm. Paul Young. Order the signed CD and get the digital download instantly.

Publicity & Marketing

SCM maintains a national database of more than 19,000 media outlets that is updated on an ongoing basis to keep leads current and viable. We pride ourselves not only in executing effective publicity and marketing campaigns; we also are interested in helping custom-tailor your campaigns for your particular brand and goals.

Get in touch for more information about our publicity and marketing services, or have us get started on your customized campaign right away.


Summary of Services

  • Book Development

  • Distribution & Marketing

  • Platform Development

  • Fundraising Assistance

  • Audio & Video Production

  • Event Production

  • Tour Management

  • Promotion & Publicity


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